Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to Trish and Stacy's Training Page!

    Learn to use the new technologies of East Stroudsburg Area School District.  Create your own Moodle page and join the "myspace" for educators!

  • Topic 1

    Getting it introduction to the Moodle space.
  • Topic 2

    Keeping it going...more things you can do in Moodle (Moodle Proficient Training)


    Review topics from Moodle Basic.

    The difference between using Moodle as a 1-way “broadcast” of information, or as a synchronous place where collaborative learning experience can take place.

    Uploading Files: Advanced

    Uploading multiple files simultaneously using zip files. It is crucial there are no spaces or special characters in filenames as this will interfere with the proper display of the items at times. How to display a directory (or in other terms – display a “folder”)

    Managing Users

    How to assign roles for your students.

    How to create groups of students and reasons for doing this.

    The teacher can now use separate groups for assignments.


    How to add events to the course calendar

    The difference between global, group, course, and user events


    • online text
    • advanced uploading of files

    How revisions and comments can be sent back to students.


    How to use a forum: topics and replies.

    Educational & professional nature of forums in ESASD courses Differences between forum, chat, and blog in Moodle.

    Remember: The blog feature is public as are the items uploaded to there.

  • Topic 6