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    Perfect Chemistry

    Book and Dine

    Friday, March 27th • 2:30-4:15 • in the library

    • Get a copy of Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles from the EHS Library
    • Click on the link to print an RSVP slip below.  Hand in the signed RSVP slip no later than Thursday, March 26th.
    • Come to the library on Friday, March 27th at 2:30 to talk about the book and eat delicious snacks.
    • See Mrs. Gullstrand in the library if you have any questions about this event.
  • Topic 2

    Would you like to earn Cav Cash?

    • The EHS Library is awarding Cav Cash to all students who check out an OverDrive eBook.
    • Install OverDrive on your device.
    • Check out on OverDrive eBook from the EHS collection.
    • Earn 1 Cav Cash for each EHS OverDrive eBook you check out.
    • This offer is limited to 4 Cav Cash per month per student.
  • Topic 3


    Attention staff and students:

    If you have a Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android or other device and would like to borrow eBooks free of charge,  install the OverDrive Media Console app. today.

    Get the free app: OverDrive Media Console

    + Add a Library: type in ESASD & click search

    Collection name: Colonial Intermediate Unit 20

    Username and Password: Same as what you use to log on to district computers

    Questions: See Mrs. Gullstrand in the library

  • Topic 4

    Follett Shelf eBooks

    The South High School Library has a collection of eBooks and audiobooks that you may use on a computer, iPad, iPod or Android device.  Instructions for their use are available below.  If you have further questions, stop by the library or email



  • Topic 5

    East Stroudsburg High School SOUTH Lunch Pass Policy

    Students wishing to use the library during their scheduled lunch period must . . .

    *Sign up in the library between 7:10 and the end of homeroom - You are responsible to ask for the correct lunch period pass.

    * You may only stay for your lunch period, not the entire block. You will need to keep track of the time. Students can either go to the cafeteria first and then come to the library for the remainder of their lunch period or come directly to the library and stay for the remainder of their lunch period. Students should come prepared to do whatever work they plan on doing during this time. Students will not be issued passes to leave the library.

    *No food or drink may be brought into the library.

    *Students will only be able to sign up if there is space available and their presence is not a distraction to the focus of learning. Computer access is contingent on availability. Classes/students scheduled to use the library have priority.

    *If a student fails to adhere to all library and school rules and procedures they will not be permitted to use the library during future lunch periods.

    * All passes must be returned to the library upon entering for lunch periods.  

    Failure to arrive at the library on date scheduled or failure to return assigned pass as outlined above will be viewed as pass abuse and disciplined as such.

    1st offense - Verbal warning

    2nd offense - Verbal warning

    3rd offense – Loss of library lunch pass privilege until the next marking period

  • Topic 6

    New Books

    Looking for a book the South High School library does not have?

    Add the title and additional information in the link below.  The library staff will review the suggestions and purchase the requested titles as long as there is money available and it meets the criteria of library appropriate material.



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