Testing for Biological Macromolecules

The Luzerne County Coroner is in a pickle.  The Scranton Strangler is on the loose and the coroner is doing everything they can to connect the victims and catch this maniac.  Five recently departed were being compared and autopsied at the same time, when the new intern (a South graduate) mixed up some of the  organs and materials between them.  Fortunately, the coroner has a record of what each patient's last meal was, as determined by friend's/family they had last seen.  The intern must systematically analyze each stomach and it's contents so that he can match the personal effects with each pateint. 

You must research and design an experiment to test the stomach contents and place the mixed up remains with the proper victim.  If you can find a connection, you'll only be helping to catch the infamous Scranton Strangler!